Brandon Western

Brandon Western knew pain from a young age. His biological dad committed suicide, and Brandon never learned how to cope with the emotional stress from the tragedy. He grew up internalizing anger and depression, and turned to drugs and alcohol early on. After barely graduating high school with no plans for his future, Brandon continued on his path toward destruction dealing drugs full-time. Things went from bad to worse when Brandon began selling drugs for a cartel, and his enterprise ended with the police breaking down the front door of his apartment. Brandon was arrested on 7 felony drug charges, and entered the county jail as a broken and hopeless drug addict. It was there that reality began to set in, and the pain he felt inside was almost too much to bear. For the first time in his life Brandon got real with himself and admitted defeat. He surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ on the floor of that jail cell, and things have never been the same since. After speaking with a Chaplain about what to do next, Brandon was accepted into the New Horizon Recovery Center: A Ministry Of Teen Challenge program east of Atlanta, GA. The judge presiding over his case agreed to let him go under the condition that if he did not complete the program he would end up in prison. That was November 03, 2011. Brandon has since completed the program, and now serves as the Assistant Director of the ministry. He is now married to a beautiful woman who loves the Lord, and they have a daughter and a son together. Through the principles he was taught in the program Brandon says, “Teen Challenge was the bridge that brought me to the other side of freedom. Teen Challenge saved my life!”