We’ve Been Where You’ve Been

Many of us who work at New Horizon Recovery Center have been where you are right now; confused, angry, scared and not sure what to do next – but we made it through.

The staff at our Atlanta office is made up mostly of trained graduates of the New Horizon Recovery Center residential program, so we see a little of ourselves in each student we help. From our two-story farmhouse just East of Atlanta, we offer an intensive one year residential program as well as Christian outreach programs designed to help communities deal with life controlling behavior.

It’s all part of a larger organization that boasts the highest success rates in drug and alcohol programs nationwide. More than eighty-six percent of our graduates remain drug free after completing our residential program. That’s because, like you, we give one hundred percent to change.

 Why We Exist

New Horizon Recovery Center exists to provide Biblical solutions to individuals with life-controlling issues through residential and nonresidential care. We believe that every person has value. Life-controlling issues are not permanent. Life-controlling behavior can be changed. Nonproductive individuals can be mentally stable, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, spiritually alive and economically empowered.

Who Do We Serve?

Our communities. Families. Spouses. Teenagers. More specifically, we serve those who have no place else to turn; no other avenues for help or assistance. When other programs have failed, when facing prison sentences, when family relationships are falling apart, New Horizon Recovery Center is often the last place of hope.

 How Do We Help?

First, New Horizon Recovery Center strives to be the most successful program for individuals with life-controlling problems in the state of Georgia. By mentoring and training leaders, teaching job skills and management, providing transitional housing for New Horizon Recovery Center graduates and offering job placement assistance. New Horizon Recovery Center is able to prepare and strengthen our students for a life free of drug addiction. We also serve the community through school presentations, Turning Point classes as well as individual and family counseling.

 How We Began

New Horizon Recovery Center is part of a much larger International group Teen Challenge which began in 1958 by David Wilkerson. The Georgia headquarters was established in 1997 by Rev. & Mrs. Tim Newbon, with Tim being a graduate of the Teen Challenge program himself. Tim stated,  “In 2000, we purchased our first facility and inducted our first students into Teen Challenge Georgia. By 2001, we had our first graduates successfully complete our initial program.”


About Our Directors:
Tim and Barbara Newbon

Since 1988, Tim has been involved with Teen Challenge and is deeply aware of what it is to be addicted to drugs. Addiction destroyed his marriage and landed him in prison. However, he soon became a student with Teen Challenge, and over time learned to apply God’s Word to his life. He found renewed purpose and desired to help others just as he was once helped with his drug addiction.

After seven years of being estranged from his wife, God gradually restored his marriage and on December 4th, 2008, they celebrated 26 years of marriage!

Our Programs

Not everyone needs the intensive help for drug and alcohol addiction that we offer through our residential program. That’s why we reach out to the community through a variety of ways.

We use outreach programs like Turning Point to help individuals and couples recognize, confront and deal with life controlling issues while addictive behavior is in it’s early stages. In the program, counselors work with individuals and couples to get them to look beyond the past, to set goals for the future and to identify resources they can use to adjust to a new beginning.

In addition to Turning Point, we have a variety of other programs geared towards churches, schools and youth organizations.


Individual, couples, and family counseling is available with our Executive Director, Rev. Tim Newbon. These informal sessions typically last one hour and are held on the campus of New Horizon Recovery Center in our conference room. Call our office at 678-526-8640 for an appointment.

Turning Point

The following is a list of objectives of the Turning Point class sessions:

We HELP couples recognize, acknowledge, confront, evaluate, and objectively deal with their problems.

We HELP couples identify problem-solving resources, options and alternatives.

We HELP couples by lending better ideas and positive possible solutions that have not been considered.

We HELP couples plan immediate steps and direction by setting goals that are productive.

We HELP couples go beyond the stage of analyzing the past, and move forward to establish, improve, and adjust to a new beginning and future.

The Turning Point program has proven to be a valuable tool in restoring individuals and families. To contact us regarding Turning Point, please call 678-526-8640.

Church Presentations

If you are interested in having New Horizon Recovery Center hold an assembly or workshop for your group, please call our office at 678-526-8640. We have educational materials for young children through adult age. We will provide life application tools along with testimonies and encouragement to refrain from those things that can become life-controlling issues and addictions.

School Presentations

If you are interested in having New Horizon Recovery Center minister at your church, please call our office at 678-526-8640. We have a brief 3-5 minute video, along with a display and brochures. Our students are equipped to minister through their life-changing testimonies as is the Rev. Tim Newbon, who is an ordained minister.